The Gina Show was a television broadcast art project, shown on Vancouver Cable 10 from 1979-1981, at the height of the punk and media DIY movement in Vancouver. Ninety-some episodes were produced by John Anderson, as a project of the artist-run centre PUMPS, and with the active involvement of a large community of performance and media artists and musicians. The television program was a variety show that screened experimental media art, performance, punk and new wave among a sea of local public programming.

After surviving a fire that damaged the original video cassettes, 63 episodes have been transferred from fragile 3/4-inch tapes into archival and digital formats. This website compliments the installation Hold Still Wild Youth: The Gina Show Archive. at the Or Gallery, which brings together this vast record of video, performance documentation, interviews, promotional spots, music, and digital art with related materials and documents from PUMPS.


  • Julie Abbott
  • AKA
  • John Anderson
  • Roy Arden
  • Bruce Barber
  • Liza Bear
  • Art Bergmann
  • Byron Black
  • Taki Bluesinger
  • The Braineaters
  • Jean Brisson
  • Susan Britton
  • David Buchan
  • Hank Bull
  • Neil Campbell
  • Donna Chisholm
  • Elizabeth Chitty
  • Victor Coleman
  • Corrine Corry
  • Diego Cortez
  • Kate Craig
  • Jim Cummins
  • Gina Daniels
  • Lowell Darling
  • Maddalena Di Gregorio
  • DEVO
  • D.O.A.
  • Keith Donovan
  • Stan Douglas
  • Margaret Dragu
  • Don Druick
  • David Enblom
  • Miriam Gabella and Madeleine Duff
  • Jody Gillerman
  • Alan Gislason
  • The Government
  • Theresa Grace Norris
  • Derek Graham
  • Richard Hambleton
  • Lenore Herb (Lenore Coutts)
  • Bruce Hogarth
  • Jenny Holzer
  • The Hummer Sisters
  • Sanja Ivekovic
  • Sandra Janz
  • Susan Kaija
  • Ken Kuramoto
  • Alan Lande
  • Glenn Lewis
  • Peter Lipski
  • Neal Livingston
  • Chip Lord and Phil Garner
  • Marshalore
  • Ken Lum
  • John Lurie
  • Lux Radio Players
  • Mike MacDonald
  • Tom Marioni
  • Dalibor Martinis
  • Fabio Mauri
  • Steve McCaffery
  • Glenn MacDonald
  • Alan Mclaughlin
  • Ewan McNeil
  • Eric Metcalfe
  • Pam Meyers
  • Gary Bourgeois
  • John Mitchell
  • The Modernettes
  • Si Monki
  • Michael Morris
  • Edward Mowbray
  • Ian Murray
  • Al Neil
  • The Obelinskys
  • Mark Oliver
  • David Ostrem
  • Gerard Pas
  • Andrew James Paterson
  • Dale Pickering
  • The Pointed Sticks
  • Los Popularos
  • Randy & Berenicci
  • David Rayfield
  • Charles Rea
  • Chris Reed
  • David Rimmer
  • Anne Rosenberg
  • Tom Rowe
  • Peter Schuyff
  • Willoughby Sharp
  • Bob Sherrin
  • Nina Skogster
  • Dave Stephens
  • The Subhumans
  • TBA TV
  • Heather Todd
  • Kim Tomczak
  • Vincent Trasov
  • UJ3RK5
  • Elizabeth Vander Zaag
  • Bruce Walther
  • Theodore Wan
  • Rick Ward
  • Paul Wong
  • Kiego Yamamoto
  • Young Marble Giants


Exhibition // 5 June – 10 July 2010
Hold Still Wild Youth: The Gina Show Archives
Opening Reception // Friday, 4 June, 8:00PM
Or Gallery, 555 Hamilton Street

Screening // 16 June 2010, 7:00PM
Uncut Video: Selections from the Gina Show – Wednesday June 16,
Randy and Berenicci, Hank Bull, Kim Tomczak, Elizabeth Vander Zaag, Paul Wong
VIVO Media Arts Centre, 1965 Main St.

Screening // 23 June 2010, 7:00PM
Unbasic Cable: Episodes from Television Art History
Byron Black, Tom Sherman, David Shulman, John Watt
VIVO Media Arts Centre, 1965 Main St.


My thanks go to John Anderson, who generously gave his time and feedback in support of this project. My personal gratitude is also extended to Gary Bourgeois, Hank Bull, Gina Daniels, Randy Gledhill, Bill Jeffries, Ian Murray, Mark Oliver, Andy Paterson, Kim Tomczak, and Liz Vander Zaag for speaking with me about their work, and to all of the contributing artists for allowing their work to be included in the show.

Enthusiastic thanks also go to my fellow Curatorial Studies students, Sarah Todd, Shaun Dacey and Darrin Martins, for their questions and answers; Scott Watson and Bill Wood, for guidance, ideas, and enthusiasm; Eli Bornowsky, Jonathan Middleton, and Kim Nguyen at Or Gallery for hosting; Michael Barrick, Krisztina Laszlo, Naomi Sawada, Owen Sopotiuk, Dave Steele, Terri Sudeyko and Annette Wooff at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art for their support and for discussions about budgets, promotions, technical specifications, archival practices, Vancouver’s punk scene and Canadian copyright; Bobbi Kozinuk for the broadcast; Erik Martinson and Kim Tomczak at Vtape, Amy Kazymerchyck and Crista Dahl at VIVO, and Amy Furness at AGO archives for supporting my research requests; and Mike Clark, for the website work.

Thank you Russell Baker at Bombast for providing furnishings for the exhibition.

The GINA Show is exhibited courtesy of the artists and the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery at The University of British Columbia. Archival materials and works in the exhibition are courtesy of the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery and VIVO Media Arts Centre. This exhibition is curated by Allison Collins, a candidate to the Masters Degree in Critical Curatorial Studies at The University of British Columbia, with support from the Killy Foundation and the Audain Endowment for Curatorial Studies through the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory in collaboration with the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery at The University of British Columbia.

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  • Hold Still Wild Youth:
    The GINA Show Archive

    Exhibition took place from June 5 - July 10 at Or Gallery

    Curated by Allison Collins